Turn 3: “Battle City” begins!!

It has been 2 weeks after Pegasus announced about the Battle City. Now we have assembled in the town hall. Later, he appeared again in the large screen.

PEGASUS: Good morning, all! Have you been ready for the Battle City?


PEGASUS: Now everybody, spread to every angle of this town and prepare for your Duels! The tournament will start exactly at 9!

Everyone then spread around the town, waiting until 9 a.m. The clock tower in the town hall then clanked 9 times, indicating that it’s been 9. I start searching my first opponent when a guy suddenly shouted to me.

GUY: Hey, boy with red T-Shirt! Let’s have a Duel!

JOVI: You mean me? I have a name! Don’t call me like that! I’m Jovi. Wait, I know you. You are Oscar’s little brother, right? Your name...

GUY: Ken. I saw you when you beat him 2 weeks ago. So now you’re going to pay!!

JOVI: Did he send you?

KEN: No, but he taught me how to Duel. Then you beat him so easily like he was nothing!! I can’t let you go!

JOVI: I saw him this morning. Nothing changed from him. But if you want to Duel me, c’mon.


JOVI: My turn, draw. Nothing I could do, Turn End.

KEN: What!? Don’t underestimate me!! You’ll regret what you did!!

JOVI: Easy, man. I don’t underestimate you. I have really bad cards in my hand now.

KEN: My turn, draw! I summon Gene-Warped Warwolf in Attack Mode! I launch a Direct Attack!

JOVI: (LP 2000)

KEN: I Set a card, Turn End!

JOVI: My turn, draw. I use Polymerization to fuse Elemental Hero Sparkman and Elemental Hero Clayman into Elemental Hero Thunder Giant. I use Spell Card, R - Righteous Justice. I control one Elemental Hero, so I destroy one Spell or Trap Card on the field. I destroy your face-down card.

KEN: What?! My Mirror Force!!

JOVI: Luckily, I destroyed Mirror Force. Now I destroy Gene-Warped Warwolf using Thunder Giant’s effect. I discard one card for its cost.

KEN: No, now I don’t have any card on my field!

JOVI: Direct Attack! Voltic Thunder!

KEN: (LP: 1600)

JOVI: I use Quick-Play Spell De-Fusion. I Special Summon Sparkman and Clayman from my Graveyard, and I launch a Direct Attack from Sparkman! Spark Flash!

KEN: (LP exactly 0). You.....are very strong. You beat me in just 2 turns!

JOVI: I didn’t underestimate you. I was waiting until my combo is completed. I never underestimate my opponent, so does Oscar. We were having an exciting Duel and I won. But I gave him, not only him but every Duelist I duel, everything I have. Him too, I can feel it. He did the same to me as I did to him. He is very strong.

KEN: I know! I just...can’t admit it if there’s a Duelist stronger than my brother.

JOVI: There’s a sky above the sky, you know. A guy who’s stronger than you always exists somewhere in this world. He’s a great Duelist! I almost lost when I Duel him.

KEN: That’s right! I’ll continue my training to be like you and him! Here’s my Puzzle Card and my rare card, Mosaic Manticore. See you, Red T-Shirt!!

JOVI: I TOLD YOU DON’T CALL ME LIKE THAT!! And I don’t need your rare card!! Come back!! Actually, he didn’t listen to me, didn’t he? Oh well, I’ve got 2 Puzzle Cards. 3 to go. Gotta work from now on!