Turn 4: Stall Deck!! The Final Countdown!! Pt. 1!!

I only got 2 Puzzle Cards. I’ve got to search even more!! Suddenly, a man blocked my way!

???: Hey boy, are you Jovi?

JOVI: So what if I am?

???: Duel me!

JOVI: I never refused an invitation to Duel. Let’s have a nice Duel!

???: Shut up and let it begin!

??? & JOVI: DUEL!!!!

???: I’ll be the first! Draw! I Set a monster and I activate a Spell Card Final Countdown!! Next I activate another Spell Card Nightmare’s Steelcage! With this card we can’t attack for two turns!! And that ends my turn.

JOVI: My turn, draw! I summon Elemental Hero Wildheart! I Set a card, turn end!

???: My turn, I draw! I Set a monster, turn end!

JOVI: My: turn, draw! I open my reverse card, R – Righteous Justice! I destroy your Nightmare’s Steelcage! I attack your face-down monster with Wildheart!

???: See my monster’s effect! Marshmallon! This card cannot be destroyed in battle! And when you attack this face-down card, you lose 1000 Life Points!

JOVI: What!? (LP: 3000) I haven’t done! I activate Spell Card Illegal Hero! I Special Summon Elemental Hero Necroshade! Turn End! In my End Phase, Necroshade is destroyed by Illegal Hero effect.

???: Then it’s useless! My turn ,draw! I activate Spell Card Swords of Revealing Light! You can’t attack me for 3 turns. Turn End!

JOVI: My turn, draw! (Another card like that? No doubt about it! He must be playing a Stall Deck!) I summon Elemental Hero Bladedge by Necroshade’s effect! Turn End!

???: My turn, draw! I activate Continuous Spell Card Infinite Cards, turn end!

JOVI: My turn, draw! I have nothing to be played, turn end!

???: My turn, draw! I Set a card, turn end!

JOVI: I draw! I Set a monster, turn end! And at my End Phase, your Swords of Revealing Light is destroyed!

???: That doesn’t matter! My turn, draw! I Set a card, turn end!

JOVI: (Uh, I have to beat him soon before the 20th turn! But his Stalling Deck shuts my attack! But I won’t give up! I’ll continue the Duel!)

To be continued.....