Turn 6: Cyber Dragons Pt. 1

I had to find the puppet that Merrick was talking about before something bad happens! But a kid approached me and asked me to Duel. His burning aura, I couldn’t refuse it. I have to Duel him!

???: Hey Big Bro there, would you like to Duel me? I just have to win one more Duel to proceed to the next phase. You are the first Duelist I’ve met since my last Duel ended. I can’t wait to Duel again!

JOVI: (His aura, he got guts. I can’t say no to him) O.K, let’s Duel. But I am in rush, so let’s finish it quickly!

???: You bet!

JOVI & ???: DUEL!!!

JOVI: I’m first, draw! I summon Elemental Hero Sparkman in Attack Mode. Then I activate Continuous Spell Future Fusion. I send Elemental Hero Avian, Burstinatrix, Bubbleman, and Clayman from my Deck to the Graveyard. In my 2nd Standby Phase after this card activation, I summon Elemental Hero Electrum. I Set a card and end my turn. Hey, I haven’t known your name. I am Jovi, what’s yours?

???: My turn, draw! I’m Ryo, Marufuji Ryo. I summon Proto-Cyber Dragon. Proto Cyber Dragon is treated as Cyber Dragon when this card is face-up on the field. And I activate Spell Card Polymerization. I fuse Proto-Cyber Dragon and Cyber Dragon in my hand to form Cyber Twin Dragon! I attack Sparkman with Cyber Twin!

JOVI: Trap Card open! Hero Barrier! I negate one attack!

RYO: But Cyber Twin Dragon can attack twice! Go, Cyber Twin Dragon!

JOVI: (LP 2800) Ugh, you’re good!

RYO: I Set two cards, Turn End.

JOVI: My turn, draw! I Set a card, turn end.

RYO: My turn, draw! I attack you directly with Cyber Twin Dragon! Go, Double Strident Blast!!

JOVI: Trap Card open! Negate Attack!

RYO: I Set 2 cards, turn end.

JOVI: My turn, draw! Now Future Fusion’s effect activates. I Fusion Summon Elemental Hero Electrum! Electrum, attack Cyber Twin! Elemental Radiant Burst!

RYO: Quick-Play Spell activates! De-Fusion! I de-fuse Cyber Twin Dragon into Proto-Cyber Dragon and Cyber Dragon, both in Defense Mode!

JOVI: Replay Attack! Attack Cyber Dragon!

RYO: Cyber Dragon!!

JOVI: Turn End.

RYO: My turn, draw!! I activate Spell Card Fusion Recovery. I return Cyber Dragon and a Polymerization into my hand! I activate Spell Card Polymerization! I fuse Proto-Cyber Dragon and 2 Cyber Dragons in my hand. I Fusion Summon Cyber End Dragon! Cyber End Dragon, attack Electrum! Super Strident Blaze!

JOVI: (LP: 1700)

RYO: My turn ends here.

JOVI: (Cyber End Dragon, a monster with high ATK and Piercing ability! It would be hard to stop it! This Duel is getting interesting!!)

To be continued...