Turn 9: Fear of the God pt. 2

JOVI: My turn, draw! I use Elemental Hero Necroshade’s effect to Normal Summon Elemental Hero Neos without Tribute.

MARIK: Fool! Slifer, give Neos 2000 damage!

JOVI: Neos!! (Hang in there, you still have 500 ATK! But, what is this pain?)

NEOS: (Trust me, I’ll beat the God!)

JOVI: (You just talked to me?)

NEOS: (Yeah, but now we don’t have much time to talk! Focus on the Duel!)

JOVI: (Yeah!) I Set a card, Turn End.

MARIK: My turn, draw! Slifer’s ATK increased into 3000! And I attack Neos!

JOVI: Continuous Trap, Power of Heroes! Activate only if Skyscraper is face-up on the field! All Elemental Heroes I control can’t be destroyed by battle!

MARIK: But you still take the Battle Damage.

JOVI: (LP 500)

MARIK: I end my turn.

JOVI: My turn, draw! I Set a card, turn end!

MARIK: My turn, draw! Slifer’s ATK became 4000! I activate Quick-Play Spell, Mystical Space Typhoon. I destroy your Skyscraper! And because Skyscraper is no longer face-up on the field, your Power of Heroes will also be destroyed. Slifer, attack!

JOVI: Continuous Trap, open! Hero Shield! I take no Battle Damage from my Elemental Hero monsters!

MARIK: But your Neos is destroyed. And my turn ends.

JOVI: My turn, draw! I use Spell Card O - Oversoul to Special Summon an Elemental Hero monster from my Graveyard! Revive, Neos! Next I activate Spell Card, Arms Hole! By sending 1 card from the top of my Deck, I add one Equip Spell Card, which is Rainbow Veil, to my hand and equip it to Neos! I also equip Neos Force to Neos which increased his ATK by 800 points. Then I equip another Equip Spell Card, Assault Armor, to Neos! Neos’ ATK now become 3600 points!

MARIK: Whatever! You equip Neos with 3 Equip Spell Cards, wasting my time. My Slifer can’t be destroyed by battle due to Mist Body’s effect. Even if I take the Battle Damage, your Neos will be destroyed in 2 turns.

JOVI: I activate Assault Armor’s effect. By sending this card to the Graveyard, Neos can attack twice!

MARIK: With his 3300 ATK and twice attack, you can’t defeat me in this turn. Next turn you’ll lose! Anyway, what’s Rainbow Veil’s effect?

JOVI: I just want to explain you about that. When the equipped monster battles a monster, the battled monster’s effect is negated! Which means if I attack Slifer using Neos, Slifer’s ATK will go down to 0!


JOVI: And don’t forget Neos can attack twice! Go, Neos! Wrath of Neos!

MARIK: (LP 700)

JOVI: Second attack, Neos!


JOVI: I beat it.... I beat God!!!

MARIK: Nice one. As a Duelist, I’ll fulfill my promise. I won’t control other person’s mind. And take this, Slifer the Sky Dragon as my rare card and the Puzzle Card. But mark my words; I’ll get the God Card back to rule the world!

JOVI: He’s gone again. Actually, I don’t want to take the rare cards. But after seeing the God’s power, it looks like I have to keep it from any threaten out there. And the best thing is I have 5 Puzzle Card! Now I can proceed to the next round!