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Name Yu-Gi-Oh! Xross
Kanji 遊☆戯☆王•XROSS(クロス)
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Gaming, Supernatural
Created by Hawkatana
No. of Chapters 2 (As of March 8, 2018)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Xross (Pronounced "Cross") is a fan-made series created by Hawkatana.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Xross takes place within its own canon, although characters from the previous series have counterparts within the "Xross canon" (in a similar vein to ARC-V, but with no importance to the plot). This series introduces the new Overdrive Monsters.


The plot centres around Yuga Senku, a smart-talking duelist in his 1st year at high school. After being pulled into a mirror and dueling a mysterious man named Raiz, he learns of a race of beings called "Arkons" and fights them with his mysterious Cross Magician. What secrets will Yuga learn from this world beyond the mirror? Only with all his skill and wit, shall he find out.

The story will be slightly darker than the official anime, more in line with the tone of the manga.


Main Characters


Council of Lords

Other Arkons

Other Characters

More characters coming soon!

Episode Listing

  1. The one who moves onwards! Yuga Senku!
  2. School days! Haven Senior Academy
  3. War Declared! Keishi's Gambit
  4. Therions United
  5. Protection of the Dragon
  6. The Man who Threw away Everything