"If you have any question or you need help, you can always leave a message here. If the community can't answer you, an administrator will be willing to help you."

This page is the starting point for all editors of this Wikia. It lists some of the pages you might like to use as you contribute here.
  • Before creating your first card, please visit the Guidelines page!
  • To follow the changes to this wiki, and to look out for new events and problem edits, use recent changes.
  • If you want to discuss anything about an article, you can use the talk pages.
  • For more general discussion, use the forum.

Wiki improvementEdit

We need your help to make this a better place. This wiki has 46,096 articles, but currently there are little organizations between them. The easiest thing you can begin with is posting relevant links in many locations. Such as when a card lore specifically names another card. Overall the wiki needs some reworking especially on the primary formatting of card articles. Please share your ideas on the Talk Page. As well as give your input on ideas presented by other users. Simple communication is a major contribution when in a wiki environment.

Projects and tasks the community is working one will show up here. Remember you are a part of the community, so feel free to make some edits if you think it will help out the community.

Community tasksEdit

Projects needing more assistanceEdit

These are projects that have begun but need more people so they can pick up the pace:

  1. Project Cosmic Hero
  2. Project Sea Serpent
  3. Project Neo
  4. Project Mushroom Ring
  5. Elemetal Heroes Reborn

These are projects that appear to have been abandoned by the user that started the project:

  1. Project Ben 10

To do listEdit

This is a list of ideas that we all need to find a solution to. Some or all of these may currently be in the midst of discussion on the Talk Page.

  • Rewrite Template:CardTable to improve upon site-wide organization
  • Improve overall site traffic

Users often improvingEdit

The following users, often stop by to improve large areas of the wiki. Users with an area are dedicated to what they're working on improving are listed first, and linked directly to that section:

Adminship CriteriaEdit

What exactly are the criteria for becoming an admin for this site? I've made a decent number of edits (just to express my experience), and I make edits fairly regularly. I know the current admins are concerned with the numerous "Candidate for Deletion" pages, and I would like to help with that, and be an admin. I believe I could/would be a great asset for this site, that I care very much about. -Bhigpx 05:15, February 27, 2012 (UTC)

Currently I still can't answer your question since we haven't set the rules yet. I will discuss your question with the fellow admins.  Bakura Yuri  Talk  Contribs  The King of Kings 05:20,2/27/2012 

Help Edit

Soon I'll be posting the first episode of "Yugioh Apokos" and would like help from someone who understands English, to correct misspellings or even meaningless phrases (without changing the story). Thank you. KenyYgo (talkcontribs) 17:21, March 28, 2012 (UTC)

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