Yuga Senku is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! Xross. An aspiring Duelist and a fan of dueling his whole life, he is caught in a battle against mysterious beings called Arkons as he tries to unravel the secret of his mysterious "Cross Magician".


Yuga, much like other protagonists has spiky, multi-layered hair, being predominately silver, with red bangs forming spikes at the back and 2 more at the front, the left & right pointing diagonally in those directions forming an "X"-like shape with a "V" at the front. His hair also has blue highlights along the sides. Yuga has hazel eyes.

Yuga sports a red jacket with white at the top and black linings over a white shirt with a red "39" in the "Number" font. He has black fingerless gloves with a cyan star on the right one, in a similar vein to Yuya's goggles. He has green jeans and a brown belt with a Millennium Puzzle key-chain dangling off of it. Yuga has grey shoes and navy-blue socks. His School uniform consists of a white blazer with black linings over a black shirt and a red tie.

Yuga's Duel Disk resembles the Nintendo Switch. It's colored black and produces a cyan rectangular blade.


Yuga's name follows the tradition of previous protagonists by having the syllable "Yu" in his name (遊), meaning game, the Kanji "ga" in his name (我) translates to ego or selfishness, being his main character flaw. "Yuga" can also refer to an era in a four-age cycle in Hinduism. His surname of "Senku" (先駆) means Herald, however, when it's broken down into the individual Kanji, "Sen" (先) translates to first, while "Ku" (駆) means Drive, referencing his deck's reliance on Overdrive Monsters.


Yuga comes off as a cynical, cocky and sarcastic individual who can't take anything seriously, but in fact, he does care deeply for his friends and what he does. His determination and drive to win set him apart in a duel as he uses unorthodox, and sometimes reckless strategies He has a tendency to act rudely and quite arrogant towards people he talks to, but he usually means well, this is due to self-esteem issues he developed as a child. Due to past experiences, he hates bullying of any kind, and will protect and fight for whoever he views as the victim. He is also shown to be quite arrogant, as he deems himself the "Saviour of the Human World" (although this may have been to anger Raiz).

Yuga is a nerd when it comes to dueling, as his room is filled with dueling memorabilia and achievements, such as T-Shirts signed by famous duelists, to replicas of old dueling equipment such as a Duel Gazer, and even a poster of Dark Magician Girl. He looks up to his brother Horyu as his inspiration and role model to in life and dueling.


Yuga uses the informal pronoun "ore" when referring to himself (following the trend of previous protagonists). When talking to people he dislikes, he does not use honorifics in their name. He occasionally uses English words or phrases in his sentences.



For a lot of Yuga's childhood, he had trouble making friends and was constantly bullied. These experiences culminated in a lack of self-esteem that would manifest in an arrogant and lazy demeanor towards people. Later on, his family would move to America for 3 years, where Yuga would pick up the English language and discover Duel Monsters, as well as his natural talent for the game. Yuga eventually returned to Japan and moved to Haven City, where he would enroll at Haven Senior Academy as a first-year student.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Xross

Yuga visited Game Brain before the first day of high school to add cards to his deck. While he didn't find any from the pack he had bought, he found Cross Magician on the counter. While in the store, he overheard a radio broadcast about 46 people mysteriously disappearing in the area. As he was walking home, he noticed a mysterious man in the mirror, before being pulled into a left-right reversed world completely devoid of life. The man revealed himself to be Raiz: an extra-dimensional being called an "Arkon" and the one behind the disappearances. He offered to duel him for his only method home: a "King's Mark", to which Yuga accepted. During the duel, Yuga managed to Overdrive Summon Cross Magician and turn the duel in his favour, but Raiz, in a last-ditch effort to get rid of him threw a concrete pillar towards him. Fortunately, this was prevented by another Arkon: Veiss, who explained to Raiz that he was to be punished for alerting the humans to his activities by revoking his King's Mark, but not before mentioning a mysterious man named "Agito". Yuga won the duel and claimed his King's Mark for himself, and returned back to the human world, upon which he met the cosplaying otaku Keishi Kagami.

Yuga noticed police crowding around an area he had crashed into during the duel, where he met up with Ryoma. Yuga lied about overhearing a possible experimental weapon developed for the Black Market, to which they believed him. Later that night, Ryoma reviewed the security camera footage, and saw his brother being kidnapped and dragged into a mirror by a strange man.


Yuga's favorite tactic in a duel is to constantly insult his opponent, making them lose their cool and bluff his way out of a situation. He is also quite athletic for a boy his age. He is so far the only human to posses a King's Mark, which he obtained after defeating Raiz in a duel. This allows Yuga to travel between his world and the Mirror Dimension where he battles Arkons in order to stop a full-scale war with the human world.


Ryoma Senku

Ryoma is Yuga's older brother and role model. He also taught Yuga how to duel. As such, Yuga gets along with, and admires Ryoma. Yuga is often nonchalant about his brother's straight-faced seriousness, but Ryoma is concerned about Yuga's lazy and overconfident attitude.

Keishi Kagami

Yuga met Keishi after coming out of the Mirror Dimension after his first duel with Raiz, as she was watching the duel through the reflection in a mirror. They often poke fun at each other with Yuga joking about how Keishi's wigs are crazier than his own hair, and Keishi making fun of Yuga's gratuitous English (and how he apparently isn't doing it right), but despite the banter, they both consider consider each other good friends.

Takumi Ongaku

Yuga met Takumi on his first day of High School, and defeated him in a duel during a free period. Yuga will make fun of Takumi just to see his funny reactions, despite this and his dislike of Takumi's music, he's on good terms with him and views him as a true friend. Takumi sees himself as Yuga's greatest rival, and believes that those who can't beat him in a duel shouldn't even attempt to duel Yuga.


At first, Yuga was slightly scared of Raiz after he was abducted to the Mirror Dimension, but after a few turns into their duel, he stated that Raiz was "so bad at this, it's annoying" (he turned out to be lying, though.) He likes making fun of him whenever he gets the opportunity.


  • 2 of Yuga's hair colours represent the previous colours of Overdrive Summoning: Red & Silver.
  • The "39" on Yuga's shirt is a reference to "Number 39: Utopia".
  • Yuga's old surname was "Nosuke". This was due to a mistranslation on Hawkatana's part.


Yuga runs a "Krysta" Deck based around Swarm tactics and effects that get more powerful the more monsters are out and Overdrive Summoning, although he claims it's not very good. His Ace is the mysterious "Cross Magician".


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