Zexal Weapons (abbrieviated as ZW in the TCG) are mystical Monster Cards featured in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. Linked to the mystical ZEXAL power, they can only be acquired by those with access to ZEXAL through a process known as "Shining Draw". The original breed equip to the Numbers, primarily the "Utopia" series, and grant them power and extra effects.

Dark ZWsEdit

Dark Zexal Weapons (or Dark ZWs) are a mysterious breed of Zexal Weapon.  While they are formed in mostly the same manner as normal Zexal Weapons, Dark Zexal Weapons are evil in nature and serve only as methods of pain and destruction.  The process of forming Dark Zexal Weapons is identical to the Shining Draw, but is known as "Shadow Draw" and occurs with a trail of blackness.


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